Stages of Heartbreak is the hardest thing in the world. If you have experienced, you may already feel the pain. If you have overcome this feeling known as “Daze,” you are brave too strong. I’ve learned that every heartbreak shows some hidden talent inside us. When I first experience a heartbreak, I realize that I have written a talent in me, and so far I have written hundreds of blog posts until now.

So broken heart is sometimes good. This is quite difficult to continue, but it is not impossible. Heartbreak taught you that eyes can lie too. Many singers & writers came to life after a broken heart. When you had reached the lowest point before and survived, there are very few things in life that can scare you.

These are the seven broken hearts of every man/woman to be traversed before they continue their journey.


At the beginning of the relationship, you feel there are butterflies in your stomach; you feel like the whole world is in your hands and it’s all good. But, as time passes, you begin to realize that some of your habits are not what they want them to be. At first, you may compromise with the little things. But, if you’re the only one who compromises over and over again then that person is not good enough for you.

You may feel trapped or confused about whether or not to hold it? I will say NO. A healthy compromise in a relationship, but too many compromises will make you weak.


Sometimes I wonder if I ignore so many of my names must be terms and conditions. If your partner responds “I’m busy, call me later” then do not bother anymore. Nothing is busy; it’s all about your priority on their list. In my case, I used to text him at dawn, and he answered in the twilight. Do not lose yourself in the process of loving others too much.

I know it hurts to give someone the best of you and to see them choose someone else. But you can find someone else because he nor she is not a “fish” only in the sea.


I know it’s hard. First, you care, then you hurt. It makes you sad it makes you ask yourself a question.

Am I not good enough? Am I not handsome or beautiful?

The day you start asking this question to yourself is the day you will lose yourself. And that is the most dangerous thing in the world.

Do not let sorrow envelop you. If that person is not for you, then large amounts of maintenance will not be a problem.


Jealousy is healthy in a relationship. It shows that you love your partner. But if excessive jealousy is dangerous. We are jealous because deep inside we know what other people can do. It’s not your fault, and you can not do anything about it.


Millenials like “I want to date someone,” but then they like “I do not know people suck.”

In my case, I am stupid with a big heart that gives more even if the person continues to hurt me. Later I used to get mad at myself.

Why is this happening to me?

But I understand that loving someone does not mean they will love you back.

I know it’s a bit unlucky to think of things like this, but it’s better than anger.


From crying with broken toys smiling with broken hearts, we all grow up. Some people are not meant to be together. I am afraid to admit that you are just another lesson. Do not be angry at people like they are the only endangered species left on the planet.

Sometimes no matter how much you care, how hard you try, you will never be good enough for the one person you always want to give everything to you. At some point, you will find someone, who will love you the way you are. They are real people who deserve to be held.

If love can not give us home when even the whole world throws away, is it really love?