5 Natural Ingredients For Best Way To Remove Makeup Naturally

Talking from a dermatologist’s point of view, sleeping in makeup is a health risk. Why? When you sleep in makeup there is a possibility of developing acne because the pores get clogged by makeup.  This happens if you repeatedly sleep in your make-up though.

You may want to check this article from Huffington Post that give some more detail information regarding the effect when sleeping with make up here.

This is why it is important to know some of the best natural ways to remove makeup easily and avoid acne.

You don’t need to irritate your skin with some funny ways of removing make up yet some natural ways exist. Most of these methods are pocket friendly and easy. Why would you want to use chemicals in removing your make up when you can invest in some cool and simple methods that have been confirmed to work?

Here are the best ways to remove makeup without makeup removers.

1. Olive Oil

Best Way To Remove MakeupOlive oil makeup removal is recommended for people who have a dry skin. Incase olive oil is not available people with dry skin can also substitute it with other types of oils such as castor oil or jojoba oil. Natural oils can also be used instead of olive oil.

How to: Use one of your fingers to gently spread the olive oil or natural oil around your face while avoiding sensitive sections like the eye. With a soft cotton pad remove makeup gently around your face. Repeat this until all the makeup is removed successfully. You can use a new cotton pad after using the both sides of the first cotton pad.

Olive oil makeup removal is easy and friendly to the skin every time you use it. Olive oil makeup removal is so far the best in removing makeup naturally and in a skin friendly manner.

2. Cucumber

clean with cucumberIf you never knew that the best natural makeup remover can be right there in your kitchen, well, now you know. Cucumbers can actually be used to remove make up and leave your skin feeling fresh and cool.

In fact some manufacturers use cucumber as one of the ingredients in the production of some makeup removers in the market. So you’ve actually been using cucumber without knowing. Anyway cucumber alone can be used to remove your makeup leaving no trace at all.

How to: Place some chopped cucumbers into cold water and stir so that some of its contents can mix with water. Get a clean cotton pad, dip it into the water then gently wipe your face. Repeat this all over your face apart from the eyes and see how good a cucumber can be in makeup removal.

Cucumber never leaves any makeup behind and it is also the best anti-inflammatory way to remove make-up.

3. Milk

use milkMilk is a nutritious food which helps the human body a lot including the skin. Nutrients which are available in milk help in softening the skin and making it healthy.  Save yourself from buying chemical laden makeup removers today and start using milk to remove almost all forms of makeup effectively. Milk contains lactic acid which is good in exfoliating your skin the moment you use it to remove makeup

How to: This easy DIY method can either involve milk alone or a mixture of milk and natural oil when removing makeup. Mix milk with a few drops of natural oil and stir. Use a clean cotton pad mixed with milk and natural oil to permanently remove any makeup from your skin gently. You can repeat this until all makeup is removed.

4. Avocado

use avocadoInstead of going all the way to purchase avocado oil why don’t you just make good use of the avocado in your kitchen to remove makeup? Avocado is the easiest natural way to remove eye makeup. The best way to remove mascara and eye-shadow is through avocado.

How to: With the help of a Q-tip, apply some avocado along the mascara area and allow the oil to remove makeup on that area. Apart from removing makeup uniquely, avocado also contains Vitamin-E. Removal of makeup by using avocado is recommended for people with highly sensitive skins.

5. Honey and Baking Soda

Honey and Baking SodaHoney mixed with baking soda and some natural oil is one of the ways to remove makeup without makeup remover and still save time for other things.

How to: Mix the two and add oil on top. Use a warm cotton pad to apply this mixture around the face as you gently remove all the makeup leaving your skin feeling fresh and energized.


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